What Colors Look Good on Olive Skin Tone? (With Pictures)

Do you want to know what colors look good on olive skin tone? well, keep reading this article, here we have revealed the top 11 colors that work well with olive skin.

There are two things that I believe every woman should know – their body type and their skin type.

To me, that’s the beginning of self-realization (okay, that’s a little dramatic), but understanding your body type and skin type is the foundation of knowing what works for you in fashion. I was thinking about what skin tone to address first, and I took this quora user’s post as my sign to focus on the olive skin tone.

For this blog post, I’ll focus on people with an olive skin tone – and what goes well with their skin tone.

11 Colors that work well with an olive skin tone 

I love the olive skin tone because it has so many options that go with it – it can hold natural colors and lighter colors just fine.

Here are some of the colors to play with

1. Red

Of course, red is on the top of my list because nothing says – CONFIDENCE- than red. You can wear a red dress with dark hair, or red lipstick with black liquid eyeliner for better effects.

This is the color you wear when you want to exude feminine, sexy, and “look at me” energy.

2. Yellow and gold 

If you think red is too much for you in terms of the attention it comes with, you can try gold and yellow. It’s subtle, classy, and still shouts bold.

Do you know how your olive skin can sometimes appear washed out? Extra gold and brown undertones exist to prevent this from happening.

Gold is flattering, and it doesn’t have to be on something very pronounced to make a difference – it can be something as small as a shimmering body lotion.

On the other hand, yellow is a cheerful color, and it gives autumn after sunsets burn the leaves kind of vibes.

You can play around with the two colors.

3. Neutral 

I know neutral makeup isn’t a very popular option, but it can be good for a Saturday lunch with friends. Also, when I talk about neutral, the first thing that comes to mind is beiges and matter browns, but I’m also referring to terracotta, burnt sienna, tawny rose, marshmallow, and other earthly hues.

4. Pink 

For days that you want to add a bit of vigor and flair, pink should be your go-to color. It could be accessories, pink shorts, a blouse, or even eye shadow. The vibrancy of the hue gives you that sexy appeal, which is awesome for a warm day.

5. White 

White is a great choice for people with olive skin because it allows you to show off your beautiful tone. Wearing a white dress makes your olive skin tone appear deeper, darker, and richer.

Also, creamy whites are easy to pair with accessories because they’re versatile.

6. Green

I also love green, even though I didn’t want anything to do with it for a bigger part of my life. It’s a great choice for golden undertones and is unique and flattering.

Warm green also makes your eyes pop and works well regardless of hair color.

You can try a brighter Kelly green or a deep forest green, and the results will be amazing either way.

7. Dark blue

Dark blue is your answer if you want something that will stand out at a winter cocktail party. You can wear a blue sweater or an evening dress to highlight your complexion.

8. Black

Black is one of those colors that anyone can wear and turn out okay. That being said, you’d be missing out if you neglected it. Black can deepen your dark eyes and bring out your natural luster skin tone, giving you a very sexy and powerful appeal.

9. Purple

Purple is the color of queens and kings, and not every complexion can handle it. It’s also sophisticated, sultry, and sexy. Luckily, with your olive skin tone, a purple dress will add more depth to your skin tone and let everyone know you’re in charge.

Alternatively, you can contour the cease of your eyelids with dark purple eye shadows and highlight them with a lighter purple.

Consider matching it with a yellow dress if you’re wearing purple as makeup.

10. Turquoise 

Are you looking for something fancy but not over the top? If yes, then turquoise is an excellent option. Turquoise works well with all skin types, and it’s also a chameleon, which makes it better for most occasions – it can be warm or cool depending on the depth of the hue.

11. Mustard 

It would be wrong to end this list without mentioning mustard. It’s a classic and plays very off with the olive skin tone. It will highlight and enhance your complexion across all seasons.

Mustard also goes with multiple colors, especially greens and browns.

Are there any colors that olive skin should avoid?

Well, if you ask me, my personal opinion about colors that people with olive skin tone should avoid are:

  • Grey
  • Very soft blue
  • Azure
  • Khaki
  • Plum

Frequently asked questions 

Can I have a pale olive skin

Yes, it’s possible to have pale olive skin. Olive skin tone can be less pigmented, with a closer shade to pale gold or champagne.

How do I know I have an olive skin tone?

There is a big misconception in the beauty that olive skin tones can only be caramel or tan, which can be very confusing. The truth is olive skin tone can also be neutral, warm, or lean. To make it easier for you, here is a checklist, more Yesses means more inclination to the olive skin tone:

  • My veins are distinctly blue or green
  • I look good with silver or gold jewelry
  • Red lipsticks pull magenta on me
  • Foundations make my complex orange, yellow or pink even when I use the right depth
  • I have a grey or green tinge on my skin
  • White-based shades of lipstick look off on my skin tone
  • When I wear the wrong colors, I look sickly, pasty, or ashy

What are some olive skin celebrities?

  • Kim Kardashian
  • Eva Medes
  • Jessica Alba
  • Adrianna Lima
  • Salma Hayek


When I’m very confident with my list, not all colors may work well for you despite having an olive skin tone. This is because there are other factors that we need to put into consideration, like hair and eye color.

The best way to go about this is to experiment and play around with all 11 colors to see what makes your skin pop.

Wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful – even if the combination is weird!

Fashion is all about feeling and authenticity.

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