Is Maybelline a Cruelty-Free Brand in 2023? Let’s find out

Is Maybelline a Cruelty-Free? let’s find out today in this article.

We all have used Maybelline products at least once in our lives, this brand is one of the biggest cosmetic brands in the world.

This brand has a very good reputation among consumers, and since the brand is really good and reputed, let’s find out whether is Maybelline a cruelty-free brand or not, shall we?

So, is Maybelline a Cruelty-Free Brand?

Is Maybelline a Cruelty-Free Brand
Is Maybelline a Cruelty-Free Brand

Since our website covers information related to beauty/fashion, it’s my responsibility to tell you all the reality behind whether the Maybelline brand is cruelty-free or not.

There was a time when people simply didn’t care about whether the brand is cruelty-free or not, nowadays consumers are getting educated and more and more people want to know the reality behind the brands they buy products from.

Y’all keep asking me questions like whether Maybelline products are purely vegan, whether they test it on animals, and whether the Maybelline is a cruelty-free brand or not.

So, the answer to this question is, No. I know it’s sad that our favorite brand Maybelline is not a cruelty-free brand. 

PETA and Leaping Bunny are the two main organizations that certify whether the brand is cruelty-free or not and since Maybelline has a policy against animal testing but according to PETA, Maybelline didn’t meet the standards to be a completely cruelty-free brand, even though Maybelline does have a policy against animal testing. Later in this article, I explained the reasons why Maybelline is not a cruelty-free brand.

Now those who are new to this term cruelty-free, don’t worry let me guide you all.

What does it mean by a Cruelty-free brand?

As the term already suggests cruelty-free means, not doing any cruelty to living animals. Basically, any type of harm to Animals or in the same cases killing of Animals just to manufacture the product is considered as a non-cruelty-free brand.

Many commercial and cosmetic brands before making their product available to normal consumers like us, do testing on animals to check whether their products are giving any side effects or not. In this process, lots of animals get abused and in some cases, animals do get die.

Are Cruelty-free and vegan brands the same?

Now another question that arises in consumers’ minds is whether vegan and cruelty-free brands are the same, so the answer is No. Both are different things and let me explain to you why.

Just like already stated above cruelty-free brands are basically those brands that don’t test their product on Animals. Those brands are considered cruelty-free and for brands to get completely cruelty-free certified they have to meet the standards of PETA and some other organizations.

However, vegan cosmetics brands are those brands that don’t use any ingredients in their product that come from Animals.

Now let’s get back to our main topic and understand why Maybelline is not a cruelty-free brand.

Why Maybelline is not a cruelty-free brand

Now by this part of the article, you already understood that Maybelline is not a cruelty-free brand, let’s now shed light on the main reasons why is Maybelline not a cruelty-free brand.

So, Maybelline is a global cosmetic company that sells its beauty products all over the world, there are some big countries like China where the Maybelline brand is very popular.

In order to sell their products in China, they have to follow Chinese law which says that every cosmetic product needs to first get tested on Animals before they can be available to consumers.

So to sell their products to the Chinese audience, they must have to follow their law and thus makes the Maybelline brand non-cruelty-free.

While the company does claim that they have a strict policy against animal testing but no big or small organizations have certified them as cruelty-free. Maybelline doesn’t have a policy or any transparency that can make sure its products are not being tested on animals.

There are lots of cosmetic brands that are cruelty-free and they are in fact certified by the PETA organization. And they have a strict policy of not selling their products in the country where upfront animal testing is required.

Now, if you are like me who pays very importance to the reality of the brands you use, and if you care about the welfare of animals then always do your own research before purchasing the products.

Even if the brand says that they have a policy against animal testing then doesn’t always mean it’s true, for a brand to be cruelty-free it should have proper certification from big organizations like PETA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Maybelline a proper cruelty-free brand?

No, it is not. As I already told you Maybelline doesn’t have proper certification from organizations like PETA and Leaping Bunny.

is Maybelline a Vegan brand?

Sadly, Maybelline is not a vegan brand either. They do have products that are animal deprived.

Is Maybelline certified by any big organization?

No. There are no big or small organizations that have given the certificate to Maybelline for being cruelty-free.

Wrapping Up

Now I hope you understand that Maybelline is not a cruelty-free brand, even though they have a policy against animal testing but since they have to sell worldwide they have to meet the laws of countries, and some countries don’t allow the selling of products before testing on animals.

If you are highly interested in buying the products of brands that are cruelty-free then always do the upfront research and check the background of the brand.

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