6 Best Conductivity Gels for Microcurrent in 2023 

Today I will be sharing some best conductivity gels for microcurrent with y’all.

Just when I thought my Korean skincare routine was enough to keep my skin young and vibrant, I discovered people were going the extra mile. 

Everyone was talking about this electric device that could streamline my facial muscles and improve my facial contouring. 

So, I researched and bought my first microcurrent device and OH BOY! My dream died fast because the reviews forgot to mention one crucial thing: the conductivity gels!

In this blog post, I’ll share my favorite conductivity gels, why you need them, and how to use them for the best results. 

Let’s get started.

Top 6 Conductive Gels for Microcurrent

Best Conductivity Gels for Microcurrent

There are thousands of conductive gels in the market, and I’ve tried my fair share in my beginner and expert phases. 

Here are the Best Conductivity Gels for Microcurrent (six) I highly recommend from my experience. 

1.NuFACE Trinity and Effective Lip & Eye Attachment Set with Leave-on Gel 

Every initiation rite to the use of microcurrent devices begins with NuFACE. They’re the industry’s pioneers, and all their products are high-luxury creams. This means they come at a high cost, but in my experience, it’s justified. 

If you’re just starting your journey using microcurrent devices, I recommend this set because you get everything you need in one go. Their microcurrent device is versatile and can be used with any conductivity gel. 

When it comes to their conductivity gel, it has high conductivity, and it’s watery enough to keep your face hydrated throughout the process. The gel is also safe for sensitive skin because it’s free from myriad harmful substances like gluten, sulfate, and alcohol.


  • It’s a premium and well-tested product
  • It has an amazing conductivity 
  • It’s free from harmful substances. 


  • It’s very pricey


2. AROMATICA Organic/Soothing Aloe Vera Gel

I’m not an environmental conservatist, but I try my best whenever a chance presents itself. I don’t litter the environment, and I buy from companies that work hard to ensure their products are aligned with the needs of mother earth. 

This is how I came to use the AROMATICA organic gel but it ended up surprising me. First of all, it’s cruelty-free and they don’t harm animals in the production process, so if you’re vegan, this is ideal for you.

When it comes to the benefits of the gel, it’s made with 95% organic aloe vera, which does wonders in soothing irritated skin. It can also help heal sunburnt skin or skin that has been affected by other environmental factors. 

The gel is compatible with toning machines and works very effectively with the NuFACE micro current device. 

If you liked the NuFACE cream but didn’t find it watery enough, you’ll find the AROMATIC gel very pleasant. It also leaves your skin well-hydrated and moisturized. 


  • It’s purely organic
  • It’s environmentally friendly and cruelty-free
  • It’s priced fairly 
  • It leaves the skin hydrated and moisturized
  • It’s very soothing to damaged skin


  • It’s odorless, so it’s a deal breaker if you’re keen on scents 


3.Le Mieux Conductive Facial Gel

I was on the fence about getting the Le Mieux Conductive Facial Gel because some users found its absorption rate too fast and very gel-like to use with a microcurrent device. However, since other users swore by it, I rode the wave and got it. 

Surprisingly, I really loved it, and it worked perfectly well with my microcurrent device. I actually loved how it feels because it’s not as sticky as the NuFACE GEL.

The only extra thing I had to do was to spray water to keep it on my face – I love the splash, so that wasn’t a deal breaker for me.

I also love the Le Mieux Conductive Facial Gel’s rich ingredient list. It contains aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, goldenseal, red algae, green tea extract, and argan, which are healthy food for my skin. 


  • It’s not as sticky as other conductivity gels. 
  • It has a rich ingredient list that leaves your skin nourished 
  • I help calm any irritation in the skin 


  • They’ve been a bit unstable with their pricing. I bought it for $30, but my friend had to get it at $42


4. Viowey Conductivity Gel 

The Viowey conductivity gel is one of the products you don’t want to miss out on because it’s designed to reinforce what microcurrent devices do.

What I mean is the ingredients in the gel have great anti-aging properties. It repairs your damaged skin and improves your beauty image. 

I also love its effective whitening properties and how it leaves my skin feeling smooth. You’ll also find the gel very effective for microcurrent devices because it has great thermal conductivity and it assists with superconducting for better skin contact. 

I also love the Viowey because it’s hypoallergic – I didn’t experience skin breakouts. You also don’t have to wash your face after your session; you can just wipe it off – they recommend using a tissue, but I prefer using my cotton pads. 


  • It enhances the use of a microcurrent device 
  • It has great anti-inflammatory properties 
  • It has effective whitening properties 
  • It helps with facial skin tightening 


  • It’s a little thin compared to other conductivity gels 


5. MyoLift Restore Conductive Gel 

I love this conductive gel, and I have a million reasons I can give you as to why you should try it. To begin, the company uses a holistic approach, which I love because who wants more toxins in their skin? 

Secondly, I love the ingredient list; it’s well-curated and packed with lots of goodies. Some of them include neroli which softens, moisturizes, and regenerates new skin cells; green tea, zinc; collagen peptide concentrate that protects the skin’s integrity; copper; and kelp.

All these ingredients have amazing anti-aging properties, leaving the skin firmer and hydrated. 

The only complaint is that it comes in a very small container, so you might need a refill after a few sessions. However, the pricing is very justified by the results you get. 


  • The company uses the holistic approach 
  • It has great anti-aging properties 
  • It leaves your skin hydrated and moisturized
  • It restores your skin’s integrity


  • It’s a little pricey compared to other gels of its size 


6. Serious Skincare Reverse Lift Facial Toning Conductive Gel

My last recommendation is the Serious Skincare conductivity gel. I used it for a few sessions to write this review, and it’s safe to say I was satisfied with my results.

The gel is very smooth and has remarkable consistency, making the application process super easy.

The packaging is also well-thought because it has an effective twist-off cap – this means something because I’ve dealt with my share of ineffective pumps in conductivity gels. 

The Serious Skincare Reverse Lift Facial Conductive Gel leaves you moist and hydrated. Another great feature of this gel is the soluble collagen ingredient, which works with the microcurrent device to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

It also deals with other signs of aging, leaving your skin firm. 


  • It leaves your skin firm 
  • It has a great and convenient packaging 
  • It has amazing consistency 


  • Nothing significant 


Factors to consider when buying a conductivity microcurrent gel

If you didn’t find something you fancy from our list, these tips will help you shop for an effective gel. Here is what to look for: 

1. The ingredient list

If you have sensitive skin like me, you’ll need to check the ingredient list for harmful ingredients. If unsure what your skin might react to, go for organic conductive gels.

2. Conduction properties 

The whole point of buying a conductivity gel is to have a product that can transmit electric currents. Otherwise, we could just use water. Always check reviews to ensure your gel has great conductivity. 

3. Watery properties 

You want your gel to be “wet” enough; otherwise, it will dry during your sessions, defeating the purpose of the gel. In most cases, you’ll need to splash some water to keep the gel from drying. However, the gel should still be slippery enough to last a while. 

4. Hydrating properties 

Your sessions will be much better and more effective if your skin is hydrated. Choose products with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid to keep your skin hydrated. 

5. Budget

There is a good enough conductivity gel for every budget. I’m not saying you should compromise on quality, but you don’t have to go for premium brands like NuFACE. There are other products that give good results too. 

Frequently asked questions 

Do I have to use a conductivity gel when using a microcurrent device? 

Yes, it helps you avoid mini-shocks you might get if you use water since it dries off fast. Its conductivity also ensures you get the most out of your sessions. 

Can I use my moisturizer in place of a conductivity gel?

Some moisturizers can be used for the process, and you can even use coconut oil. However, for safety purposes, you should use a conductivity gel. 

Is aloe vera a good conductivity gel? 

Yes. It has great hydrating and healing properties, and it also has optimum conductivity. 

Wrapping up 

So, that’s it for the best conductivity gels for microcurrent and I hope this guide helped you.

The use of microcurrent devices is on the rise, and it’s one possible way to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. We recommend adding a conductivity gel to your beauty regime to get the desired results from your sessions. 

Ensure the conductivity gel you choose is skin-friendly to avoid skin breakouts and other damage. 

I hope you got a great option from my list; if not, my guide will help you shop for one that suits you. 

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