Best Tan Through Swimwear (That Actually Works) May 2023

Wanna know what is the best tan through swimwear that actually works? if yes then keep reading this article till the end. In this article, we have selected the best tan-through swimwear for you.

Have you ever rocked a tan-through swimwear piece? If not, you’ve been missing out! True Tone Swim fabric is a high-end tan-through bikini that was scientifically developed to still be soft, stretchy, and flattering.

Its main purpose is to filter out the majority of UV-B rays while letting in Tanning UV-A Rays. This means that with this bikini you can look good, and feel good and it may be as if you’re wearing an SPF 10 when at the beach.

If you want to know more about this technology and if you wish to find the perfect swimsuit – keep on reading.

6 Best Tan Through Swimwear

Best Tan Through Swimwear

1. Sol Thrue Wear Pastel

You should check out Sol Thru since their swimwear is handcrafted from a unique, high-quality fabric with hundreds of thousands of tiny pores that allow the sun’s rays to pass through.

They offer free worldwide shipping with their items, along with after pay & Klarna. This Australian brand makes a lot of cool products, and one of the items that we recommend is this gorgeous one-piece.

It is on sale at the moment and it is available in 5 different sizes. Enjoy its tan-through fabric, along with its 100% Polyamide blend. It is a stylish piece with a low cutback and a cute floral print that you can wear to any holiday or resort.



  • Popular Australian brand
  • This one-piece is available in 5 different sizes
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • A ton of different styles & colors to choose from
  • Great one-piece if you want something a bit more casual & relaxed


  • A bit pricey

2. Kiniki Swimwear Paradise Purple Top

Kiniki is a brand that does men’s & women’s swimwear, along with some cool beach accessories. They are pioneers when it comes to doing tan-through pieces, which is why you should check them out.

They’ve perfected their formula over the years and now they make items of the highest standards. In fact, the number of microscopic holes has increased from 700 to 2000 per square inch within the last few years, making this swimwear even more breathable.

You are going to enjoy this bikini top in particular as it can be easily paired with any bottom. There are different sizes to choose from + a smooth micromesh lining.



  • They sell swimwear for guys & girls
  • Tan Through fabric dries 3X faster than normal swimwear
  • Unique microscopic technology
  • A lot of different sizes & colors
  • Leading brand when it comes to this patent
  • Good price points


  • Slow shipping

3. Cool Tan Cabana Triangle Top Bikini

You should check out Cool Tan if you’re looking for variety, and if you’re shopping for yourself and your spouse. This site does pieces for men and women + they also do some cool tan-through shirts.

You can go for a one-piece or two-piece bikinis on their site and enjoy a model you truly fancy. Mix and match your favorite pieces or give it a go with this bright blue bikini that we’ve picked out.

It is breezy and fully adjustable in terms of its size and fit + it is made in the USA.

There are four different top sizes and four different bottom sizes. This bright blue two-piece is a must-get for younger women who enjoy stylish & sexy pieces. The perfect bikini for pool parties.



  • Good & high-quality pieces that you can choose from
  • A lot of options for both men & women
  • Made in the USA
  • Several sizes available
  • Durable fabric


  • Might not suit mature women as well in terms of fit & style

4. Skinz Baywatch One Piece Swimsuit

SKINS is a cool brand that does all sorts of swimwear, leggings, dresses, gym wear & accessories for men and women. Mostly known for their durability & a great choice of fabric, you can’t go wrong with them.

You can enjoy either the ThinSKINZ(TS) – high quality, lightweight, fast drying, or go for a Super ThinSKINZ(STS), which is a lot silkier.

You can play mix and match and enjoy their variety, along with great discount codes. Enjoy a healthy and natural-looking tan, along with the fact that this is a super lightweight fabric thanks to the apertures.

It is unlined but comes in this gorgeous flower pattern that any girl can pull off. There are also 7 different size options.



  • A lot of products are available on their site
  • This model is available in 7 different sizes
  • Lightweight & smooth fabric
  • You can choose from loads of different colors and patterns
  • For any age group


  • A bit pricey & not that often on-sale

5. CB Triangular Onepiece – Green Seahorse

Check out CB if you love to rock retro & bohemian pieces. This is the first Portuguese swimwear brand that has been around since 2014 and has managed to get a lot of exposure as time went on. This is also a family-owned business that makes some of the best & cutest pieces. There is free shipping on specific orders, along with returns and exchanges. This gorgeous triangular one-piece is on sale at the moment, so why not get your hands on it? It is available in two sizes it is equal to a constant sun protection factor (SPF) 10. If you want something traditional & super bright and colorful – this is for you.



  • Great fabrics & colors of bikinis
  • A family-owned business
  • All are made with love and are of high-quality
  • Reasonable prices
  • Great deals & discount options


  • Not the best size range

6. True Tone Swimwear One Piece

Lastly, why not try out True Tone products? The Italian-raised designer, Isabella Biscarini focuses on creating some of the best & most stylish pieces that anyone can wear.

The brand is all about embracing your femininity and sex appeal, making every woman feel like a goddess! They do a lot of pieces for women and only some men’s boardshorts.

You will notice that all of their items have a unique pattern that defined their trademark. This one-piece in particular is sheer and all-black. You should size up for a less sheer effect.

Do not bleach, soak or wring this bikini if you wish to prolong its wear time. The best part about it? It can also be worn as a bodysuit with jeans or pants!



  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • The perfect site for younger women who wish to feel sexy
  • Fast shipping
  • A ton of options, fits & colors are available
  • There are up to 150,000 micro-holes in their tan-through swimsuits which will allow for perfect even tan


  • The priciest of them all

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1. What is tan-through swimwear?

No-tan-line bathing suits, also known as tan-through swimwear, are made from a special fabric called Transol. This type of fabric was developed in the early 2000s by the swimwear company Kiniki.

Tan-through swimwear includes microscopic holes that allow up to 80% of the sun’s rays to travel through your one-piece or bikini, giving you sun-kissed skin without annoying tan lines.

The majority of beachwear is opaque and not see-through, allowing for maximum vitamin D absorption without exposing all.

2. Any cons to this swimwear?

In addition to letting more of the sun’s rays pass through the fabric, several types of tan-through swimwear claim the fabric itself contains SPF.

This means that you can absorb more UVA rays for a golden tan while staying protected from UVB rays. Although quite developed, most people don’t want to take their chances + others burn easily or are quite sensitive to the sun, which means packing SPF for them is an option.

If you have skin that is prone to burns or irritation, double-think your choice.

3. Who can wear tan-through swimwear?

The choice is optional and totally up to you. Some sites sell this type of clothing for men, women & kids, while others only focus on women’s pieces as they are the most desirable items.

Which lady likes discolored skin, right? Anyone who wants to tan slowly and evenly will enjoy this piece.

Ready for something new?

So, which swimwear piece is your favorite? Which item you can’t wait to get out of the bunch? Let us know, we can’t wait to see you rocking something modern and new out of these top six pieces.

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