Top 4 NuFace Gel Alternatives to Try in 2023

NuFace gels are damn good, there is no doubt about it. But there are equally good NuFace gel alternatives available in the market, wanna find out? well, let’s get started.

Are you a big fan of the NuFace brand, as well as its products?

How about the hydrating aqua gel in particular? It is a popular lightweight activator gel that conducts microcurrent from your device to the facial musclesmature skin types.

It is often used by mature & dry skin types, as well as those who wear heavy makeup on top, demanding hydration and moisture throughout the day. Thanks to its velvety texture and Hyaluronic Acid, this product can nourish the skin and restore its moisture levels.

But what happens when it is out of stock, or if you can’t get your hands on it? What if the site doesn’t ship to your country?

This is when you should be looking for Nuface gel alternatives. Keep on reading and find something you will also fancy right down below.

What are Conductivity Gels?

If you’ve never used a conductivity gel before in your day-to-day routine, now is the right time to give it a go and switch up your skincare.

Conductive gel is a unique electrolyte gel that has a special type of texture, consistency & formulation. We have a separate guide on the best conductivity gels for microcurrent.

Its main purpose is to enhance the penetration of important & high-quality agents into the skin. It spreads easily and evenly all over your skin and into your pores, and will not dry out under the electrodes.

It is often applied with a skincare tool. The product is almost always filled with Hyaluronic Acid, Centella Asiatica Extract, Aloe Vera, Leaf Juice & other popular Korean skincare ingredients.

How Do They Work?

Conductive gels have a unique & soft substance, as well as a unique texture. There is the 3D micro/nanostructures of the gel that makes a difference in your skincare.

The microcurrent transports ions (electrically charged particles) through the skin. Thanks to the microcurrents, they can flow through our skin due to the low-resistance connection provided by the conductivity gels.

The gel initially drenches our skin, which dissolves the sweat and salts on the surface, leaving you with a natural, clear, and glowy complexion.

Wet skin gives substantially less resistance to electrical current than dry skin. This is why & how additional parallel current circuits are created via which the microcurrent can flow.

Additionally, this reduces our skin’s general resistance. For this reason, microcurrent goes from the electrodes to the gel layer on top of our skin, where it is absorbed into the outer skin layers.

Oil-based liquids do not conduct electricity because they lack dissolved ions. Because oils inhibit the flow of microcurrent, a conductivity water-gel is necessary.

Top 4 Nuface Gel Alternatives (2023 Edition)

Nuface Gel Alternatives

All of these below alternatives to NuFace gel are personally tried by myself. I always recommend those products that I have personally used and tested. So, without wasting more time, let’s get started.

1. SBC Collagen Gel with Pump Dispenser 250 ml

If you want to try out a collagen gel that you can use on top of your face & body, this product is for you! It is a product that you can multitask with whenever you feel the need.

It is a natural moisturizer that will leave you with glowy & youthful skin. It is a lightweight water-based product that you can use under your makeup and before bedtime.

Most women love it thanks to its anti-aging properties, along with its practical pump dispenser that can come in handy. With this bottle, you will get 250mL of product.

Also, it may help to temporarily minimize the appearance of fine lines and puffiness in most age groups. The product is best suitable for women with ‎dry or combination skin types.


  • Gorgeous & practical packaging
  • You get 250mL of product
  • Great for mature skin types & fine lines
  • Can be used day & night
  • Best for dry or combination skin types


A bit pricey

2. Le Mieux O2 Calming Gel

Women with sensitive skin have to be careful & very selective when buying their skincare or makeup products. This is a refreshing and calming gel that contains 18 different kinds of botanical extracts which are all high-quality, calming & nourishing for the skin.

With it, you will feel soft & supple skin, while also experiencing deep moisturization. It is filled with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe, green tea extract, allantoin, goldenseal, argan, and red algae.

You will get 180mL of the product with your purchase + you’re going to love the fact that it is cruelty-free and has never tested on animals.

Apply gently to the cleansed face in an upward and outward motion. Do not rinse out and let it do its magic.


  • Great product for sensitive skin
  • You get 180mL of product
  • No parabens or sulfates
  • Cruelty-free
  • Filled with high-quality ingredients


  • Not for everyday use
  • A bit pricey

3. Serious Skincare Reverse Lift Facial Toning Conductive Gel

Do you want to try out a facial toning gel? Those who want a bit of that toning effect will fancy this product. It is filled with collagen and glides so easily onto the skin.

It is formulated in such a way that it is going to keep your skin moist, toned, and hydrated during any season or weather.

This gel is made in the USA and has never been tested on animals. With two decades behind them, Serious Skincare is truly serious and is all about bringing you results on top of your skin and to your outer layers.

The bottle stores 120mL of product, and is also reasonably priced. For youthful & glowy skin, it works best with a toning device of any sort, or as an after-care treatment after doing derma planning.


  • Can be used by any skin type
  • You get 120mL of product
  • Made in the USA & never tested on animals
  • Great for leaving your skin glowy
  • Affordable


  • Has to be used in combination with a facial toning device

4. AROMATICA Organic/Soothing Aloe Vera Gel

So, the last product in our list of best NuFace gel alternatives is AROMATICA organic aloe vera gel.

Lastly, you can go with something organic from our list. This is a soothing Aloe vera gel that is cooling and moisturizing.

It is also a vegan product that comes in this big 300-mL bottle. It has never been tested on animals and is also cruelty-free.

Everything is plant-derived, along with its Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract and Rosmarinus leaf water which can do wonders for your skin type.

Enjoy the pump-type packaging for easy application & use. This is also a non-sticky formula that you’re going to love for daily use and application.

You can use it on its own or with your beauty devices & tools, such as Nuface.


  • Natural & Organic
  • You get a big packaging with 300mL of product
  • Cooling sensation
  • Filled with natural Aloe
  • Affordable
  • For most skin types (ideal for sensitive)


  • Runny texture which might dry out too fast


1. What can you use instead of gel NuFACE products?

If you can’t get your hands on this product we highly recommend that you check out any of these top 4 reviewed & recommended ones.

Amazon ships its products worldwide, meaning that you can easily get at least one of these top four items. Customize it based on your budget & skin type.

2. Which microcurrent gel alternatives are out there?

If you want a microcurrent alternative, you can always go for water-based gels, aloe-based gels & Glycerin based gels.

You can use whichever serum, toner, mask, or moisturizer you have/love as long as it is oil-free and water-based. This alternative can also work as a good substitute.

3. Who can use conductivity gels?

Conductive gels are generally suitable for all types of skin. It is up to you to look at their ingredients, purpose & way of application to see if you are a good candidate for a specific product.

There are conducting gels available on the market designed for every skin type, while women who have dry skin may prefer them the most.

4. When will you notice a difference in your skin?

Change doesn’t happen overnight, which is why it is crucial to give it time to spot results. For most women, using a new gel formula (any product basically) takes time to work.

With these gels, you should spot a difference within 4 weeks. Just apply as recommended and don’t skip any of the steps.

In conclusion

So, are you ready to try these Nuface Gel Alternatives that are going to make a difference in your skin texture? Make sure that you give it time before you expect to spot some serious results.

Conductivity gels are the thing of the future, and we highly recommend that you include them in your routine, doesn’t matter if it is in the form of serums, creams, toners, primers, etc.

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